Garden Update

Things are starting to pop up even though it has been on the cool side for the most part. Had some bugs on the beans but used soap spray and the are no longer eating the leaves. Just need some constant heat ( above 75 degrees) to really get things moving.

I finally completed the fence and while I still have a few things to address, no critters are getting in (unless they fly in) to eat the new starts.

Been thinking about a greenhouse and where it would fit, The electrical connection is a bit of a problem but it is needed for decent growth while waiting for warmer weather in the spring. Plexiglas seems to be the best choice for the frame but of course it is more expensive than glass or plastic. Guess I’ve got all summer to think about and then work on so not a rush.

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Problems with our government

So I have been thinking about this for quite some time and I believe the first step should be establishing mail in voting for all who are eligible. Also, there should not be extensive hoops to jump through to become eligible. This will require a massive phone and letter campaign from all of us as the current folks will never pass this without us pushing on them. My belief is that this is the best starting point to begin to fix this mess.

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My Garden

I decided to move my 4 year old garden to a more sunny location. Started this project in April 2020 and have spent way more dollars than I thought I would. If things go as planned I will not have snakes or mice visiting this garden. I am almost finished with outer fence and realized this will be a two year project (assuming I am still around).

Some things I have learned are:

  1. Don’t start plants indoors too early.
  2. Rain will not happen on your schedule.
  3. The coronavirus can really screw things up for your timeline.
  4. Things take a lot longer to get done when you are old.
  5. Some of your best ideas stink.
  6. In spite of your efforts, your seeds will sprout and plants will grow.
  7. Elevated (30″ high) garden beds are a really great idea.
  8. Projects start with function and good looks in mind, and end with function and looks good enough.
  9. Leave enough room for your tractor or other tools to move around.
  10. Leave extra room for plantings for the local food bank.

In this age of coronavirus and corporate greed, I’m planting more for the food bank than I have in the past. While I can’t fix the food insecurity problem, I can at least help some folks in my community. What about you?

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Under the Rain


Took my duck out for a walk and this squirrel could not believe his eyes.

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There was a time when I heard laughter and children sang and played at my steps. Now there is silence and only memories.

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Winter is coming


While I hope we get some snow this year, we  don’t need 21 inches at once like we had last year.

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