February 13, 2021

As I sit here looking out the window, I see about 13 inches of snow. It has fallen off and on for the last three days and is quite beautiful. It however not conducive to travel. My wife had an outpatient procedure on Thursday and we got home just as the snow started.The weather report says there is a chance of more snow tonight and tomorrow. But on Monday, the temperature will be above freezing and it will rain so lots of the snow will be gone by Tuesday.

Some of the things I like about snow are the plain white beauty covering the trees and grass and the silence it brings. The birds don’t think much of it as it makes food harder to find. The snow plow drivers like all the overtime it causes while they clean the roads and pile snow up in front of your driveway. The big payoff is that the children love to play in it and build snow men, and that is good to bring fun into their lives.

I’ve been thinking about trying to write a novel. I was once told that before a man dies he should father a child, build a house and write a book. I’ve done the first two so maybe I should get busy on the third before I die. I’m thinking it would be a thriller but not sure yet. Time I fear, is not on my side for this last act of my life.

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