April 5, 2021

Not quite sure where to begin but my doctor is pretty sure I have lung cancer. I say pretty sure because where things are located make it dangerous to do a biopsy. There are three ways to do the biopsy all could result in a collapsed lung which could not be inflated and would probably result in death. So we will wait a few months to see if this spot grows. We did do a pet test and it is a valid spot and not a shadow or something and it is in a place where lung cancer usually starts. We could cut out the lower lobe that it is on but as my COPD has trashed the top part of my lungs, my quality of life would not be pretty.

We will have a better idea of how long I will have by the middle of June. So now we make preparations for death. All those things that need to be done like wills, power of attorney and disposal of body. And then there is what to do with all the stuff as I would not not my wife and family to have to deal with getting rid of stuff that is worth serious money. Things like a tractor and attachments, coin collections and tools.

So I start with making arrangements with cremation facilities, lawyers and junk haulers. We you live on acres of land you have junk piles of stuff you might one day use (but never do). I also have to let my child know as he lives on the other side of the country and it will be a little bit of a mess for him as his mother just will not care about much. Life is fun until you die, but it is not too bad if you have advance notice.

More to come…

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