February 18, 2021

So the last few days have been spent clearing snow so that we could at least get out if we needed to go somewhere. While I have seen worse amounts of snow outside my window, 16 inches is still time consuming to deal with the you have 200 feet of driveway. It has started to melt and in a few days will be gone (for awhile). While it sure is pretty, if you need emergency services and they can’t get to you bad things can happen.

It is the price you pay for living in the woods. You just have to be sure you are set up to live for a week or so without power or being able to go anywhere. We have to deal with snow, ice and wind storms, as well as earthquakes and flooding. While not as bad as some places, it is a fact of life here that you have to be prepared.

Our state legislature has been working hard over zoom and have been sending emails to tell us how great they are for fighting for our rights. I have gotten tired of all the fighting (red vs blue) and now send them emails saying if they don’t start working together I will not vote for them. This is becoming a theme around here as folks are just tired of all the bull_ _ _ _.

The federal government is just as bad so they pretty much get the same treatment. Most people have become independents as they are tired of it as well and will vote the best candidate rather than vote by party. Hopefully this will work and they will get back to working for us.

So break time is over, back to work.

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