June 6, 2021

I thought I’d make this a separate category so I don’t get jumbled thoughts.

On June 3, 2021 we established that I’m 99% sure that I have non small cell lung cancer. We are not 100% sure because we can’t do a biopsy without taking the risk of dying on the table. So I have decided to forgo treatment and let this just run it’s course. Of course I’d like to live but doing chemo is not my idea of living. It is now about the size of a silver dollar and not growing very fast so we will continue with life.

Our new lawyer is working on the will etc., and that will be finished soon. It is somehow refreshing to know that it is time to get your stuff together as the time left is limited. I’d like to make 50 years married to my wife (2 years to go) and can only work towards making that dream come true.

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