February 8, 2021

So I don’t know anyone who likes needles stuck in them. I suppose that those on the giving end don’t mind them, but those of us on the receiving end don’t like them at all. Over the past two months I have been having lots of medical testing done and have had blood drawn (two times), a CAT scan where dye was injected ( took 3 people 6 tries to get a needle in a vein), a PET scan (one needle done by a very talented lady) and a colonoscopy which took one needle ( by another very talented lady).

So that is 10 needle sticks. I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to medical things but needles looking for veins is one of worst fears. I fear the needles almost as much as my veins. The little suckers (veins) hide, move, go flat and generally avoid the needles. When I had my second heart attack, it took nine people (two tries each) to get the blood to confirm that it was a heart attack. The last try was on one of my feet and that hurt like hell. They got the blood and confirmed the heart attack.

To make matters worse, I have been taking daily aspirin for over 15 years and that makes me bleed like a waterfall when the needle comes out. As you may have guessed, I had blood drawn today with a needle. We have reached the point where blood draws are taken from my hands and so I will have needle dreams tonight.

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