February 3, 2021

Keeping busy

With Covid 19 still in full swing here and like everywhere else, the vaccine is mostly unavailable and I have yet to go some place other then the doctors office. I even had a tele visit from one of my doctors so I could avoid going out. It has been about a year since I was able to go do some shopping or out to dinner.

As I have been retired for awhile I’m used to being home a lot. Unlike lots of folks I have land and I can do things around the house and as long as the internet works I’m somewhat content. I do wonder about folks living in high rise buildings and the limited choices they may have to keep their sanity.

On TV I see terrible lines of people waiting to get some food as they have lost jobs and maybe even their homes. All this is awful. Then I see our congress fighting over whether there should be assistance checks and extra unemployment money. This is just wrong. Congress should get those checks out yesterday.

We have many problems that are long over due fixing. We need to get busy.

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