February 2, 2021


Recently I went on the internet and tried to look up some old friends. When you get old, apparently you become curious as to what happened to old friends from your past. Upon starting my search I decided to look for an old friend from high school. His goal was to become a lawyer and live in a small town. We double dated one time and he was with a new girl whom he later married. I found that they were now married 50 years last month.

They had three children, one of whom died in a work accident on the same date of my birthday. One of the other children was now living in Texas and I did not find anything more of the third child. My friend and his wife were now living with their daughter in Texas and I wondered how that came to be.

Turns out my friend had become a lawyer and while he made a living it was not as lucrative as he had hoped. Still he had done good enough. After I searched some more I found that towards the end of his career he had a client that had some large savings and he was caught stealing the client’s money bit by bit. He had to sell everything to pay back what he had stole and his law license was revoked.

Left with nothing, he moved in with his daughter. He and his wife appear to be fine but I’m sure it is not the ending he would have wanted. I am amazed at what you can find out if you just take some time and phrase your search questions correctly. I searched for more of my old friends but I’ll save that for another time.

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