February 1, 2021

We never had snow when I was a kid. It was something that never happened where we lived. Today I watched a video of pandas playing in the snow. It was too funny. It reminded me of the time in my 20’s that friends and I built snow men and had snowball fights in Spokane. Now that was snow, lots of snow.

Now each year my wife sings a snow song, hoping for at least a few inches. It hardly ever happens. One year we did have a freak storm (early signs of climate change) that dumped 23 inches on us in about two days. It was fun! Our only problem was the dog, a large Rottweiler, did not think much of the snow. He would go no further than a few feet from the door to do his business and then quickly return indoors. We had quite a mess to clean up after the snow melted.

Currently it has been raining here for two straight days. Light rain mostly but still rain. Offspring (our son) lives in New Hampshire and is getting snow measured in feet. My wife would like to go visit him but with Covid 19 and such, it is not going to happen. It is true that a round of a few inches of snow can pull you out of depression and put a smile on your face. I hope everyone will get the chance to play in the snow in their lifetime.

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