January 30, 2021

Sometimes I wonder about things that we normally don’t think about. For example where is a earthworms mouth? Or maybe why can’t we have water pipelines like we have gas and oil pipelines. Last year California was having many more wildfires than usual. It would have been good if they had a pipeline from say Huston Texas where flooding is becoming common place.

In part, thanks to climate change, many areas are getting less rain than needed and others are getting more rain than they can use. Seems like there might be a solution in all that water. As water becomes more scarce, it will become more valuable and then we might see some changes.

I also think about the federal government and why the tax code is so large. And what about the budget? That thing is so cumbersome it is ridiculous. Both of these are long overdue cleaning up and showing the people what is actually happening.

As I seem to be getting into my bitch mode I’m going to stop now. If you want to know more about earthworms go to https://www.sas.upenn.edu/~rlenet/Earthworms.html

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