January 26, 2021

Took a walk in the forest today just to visit with nature. It is amazing the things you can see if you take your time and just open your eyes. I spotted a squirrel up high in a tree and as I looked at him, he was looking at me. I was in his forrest and he was probably just keeping an eye on me, not knowing if I was prey or predator. You can also stumble and fall on your butt while walking and looking up at tree tops. Once on the ground you can find all sorts of bugs that roam the forrest floor. The bugs are busy looking for food or perhaps just going back home after an outing.

The forrest floor also has all sorts of mushrooms this time of the year. Some are quite lovely and I’d bet quite poisonous. Other are strange looking and probably taste pretty good. Not being a mushroom hunter I will just admire the wonder of being a mushroom and get mine from the store. There are no flowers as this is winter but you can get the feeling that the plants are ready and waiting for spring. Dreaming of spring…

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