January 25, 2021

Harriet Tubman is going to finally get on the $20 bill; this is a good thing.

I was sick today as my gastric system apparently got a little too much fiber and it revolted. We had home grown carrots and peas and I just love the taste. But when you eat too much of a good thing…

My wife and I will be going out in the city tomorrow to do some shopping and visit her doctor. Once in a while I’m allowed to get out and go into the stores but tomorrow will be the usual, I drive and she shops while I sit in the car. It’s better than nothing as it changes my view of things. There are so many variants of covid 19 that I think this pandemic will last at least until 2022. Hell, it may turn out to be just like the flu with different variants each year.

Today I was wondering about all the misleading and false statements that are being written on social media. Some are so false that it is hard to believe some people believe these statements. Most of these statements can be checked out through google and other search engines but somehow these statements continue to be believed. The only way I see to fix this (I’m sure there are other ways) is to let the advertisers know that if they want you to buy their products they should only buy ads on truthful platforms (including radio and tv). So greed and money got us into this mess, so greed and lack of money can fix it.

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