January 23, 2021

Today I will start this journal to tell the thoughts I have before I die. As I don’t know when I will be gone, this hopefully will be a decade or more. At this stage of my life I have COPD and the doctors are not sure if I have lung cancer or not. We will keep testing every few months to find out. It was very cold today with highs in the 30’s (degrees) with a light breeze which would freeze your bones. Current news of the day is the impeachment trial of former President Trump, pandemic status and President Biden’s executive orders. The best thing from the new election is that we have a female vise president Kamala Harris. She is of black and asian decent and I think she has a good shot at being the next president.

The pandemic (covid 19) has taken over 400,000 American lives. In fact America leads the world in death rate. My belief is that all the lies and withheld information from the past president and staff are the cause of most of these deaths.

The past president and mainly his administration have exposed deficiencies in our government that I hope will be addressed by the new administration. The political parties both need to take a long look at themselves and make necessary changes.

Most if not all of these things do not affect me as I am retired and have enough money coming in that I will be fine. Although covid 19 would probably kill me if I got it, but I don’t go out except to doctors appointments. All the new methods of pick up and delivery have made the need to go out really not necessary.

I am going to try to write every day until I die and maybe throw in the occasional picture from time to time.

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