My Garden

I decided to move my 4 year old garden to a more sunny location. Started this project in April 2020 and have spent way more dollars than I thought I would. If things go as planned I will not have snakes or mice visiting this garden. I am almost finished with outer fence and realized this will be a two year project (assuming I am still around).

Some things I have learned are:

  1. Don’t start plants indoors too early.
  2. Rain will not happen on your schedule.
  3. The coronavirus can really screw things up for your timeline.
  4. Things take a lot longer to get done when you are old.
  5. Some of your best ideas stink.
  6. In spite of your efforts, your seeds will sprout and plants will grow.
  7. Elevated (30″ high) garden beds are a really great idea.
  8. Projects start with function and good looks in mind, and end with function and looks good enough.
  9. Leave enough room for your tractor or other tools to move around.
  10. Leave extra room for plantings for the local food bank.

In this age of coronavirus and corporate greed, I’m planting more for the food bank than I have in the past. While I can’t fix the food insecurity problem, I can at least help some folks in my community. What about you?

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